SSC maintains a permanent showroom at the AmericasMart in Atlanta. You can find us in Building 3 on the 12th Floor – Showroom 12-E-107 on the Atrium. We ocassionally travel to NY or Chicago as well. If you would like us to consider any other markets, please feel free to drop us a note and et us know what markets or shows you especially love, and we’ll be glad to take a look!

New Designs

We generally release new designs for our Ready-to-Wear lines in August, but we do update with colorways throughout the year as needed by trending fashion. If you have any special needs or requests for new styles, please let us know!

Custom Colorways

Custom colorways may be available on some designs for an upcharge of 10-15% depending on design. We cannot guarantee any color availability on any design.

Solid colors may be requested where available at no upcharge, as may small substitutions such as switching out Crystal for AB, etc.

If you would like a Swarovski color chart, we’ll be happy to fix you up with one at or cost. Note that we don’t use all the colors shown on them and that you can sometimes get yourself into trouble with clients with them because of that – but if you’d like one, we’ll make it happen.

Special Orders

We’re happy to try and accomodate special orders whenever possible. Some special order colorways may carry a 10-15% upcharge, but we’ll always let you know when we’re discussing your needs.

We can also replace Crystal or AB freely for each other at no extra charge.

Solid color designs (where possible, depending upon availablilty from Swarovski) are at no extra charge.

Stock Echange

We don’t want you to be stuck with something that isn’t resonating with your clientele. To keep that from happening, we allow you to rotate up to 20% of a new order back in existing stock that is no more than one year old. Here’s how that works:

You place an order of at least $1,000, and you can exchange $200 of existing stock. Place a $2,000 and exchange up to $400, etc.

A few rules:

  1. Exchanged items must be in new and unworn condition
  2. Items must be regular line items, i.e. not special order or custom colorways
  3. All items to be exchanged must be no older than one year
  4. We reserve the right to reject exchanged items
  5. If in doubt, please ask

Minimum Selling Price & Sales Restrictions

We suggest you use a 2.25x markup on all Ready to Wear lines, but you are free to use any markup you wish as long as it is at least keystone, or double the wholesale cost. You may not sell any of our items for less than 2x.

SALES: You may offer occasional in-store only promotions of no more than 10% off your regular price. You may not advertise this either in print or on social media.

MARKDOWNS: You may not under any circumstances mark down any designs more than 10% that are current and still offered by SSC.

You may not offer our work on any “resale” site or online sale groups. To do so may result in immediate termination of your account.

Stefanie Somers Couture

You’ll notice that our Couture line is not included here on the wholesale site. We do not wholesale SS Couture work, because it is so limited in availability. If your store meets certain guidelines and minimums, you may be able to order Couture at 20-50% off of our suggested retail pricing. This is not guaranteed, and is dependent upon scheduling, time of year, and other factors. To be eligible for a discount on Couture, you must maintain a sales level of at least $1,500 per quarter on our Collection line for two quarters, or place a $5,000 opening order on Collection. There is no minimum order on Couture.

Couture availability is subject to change without notice.

Color chart

We’re happy to obtain a Swarovski color chart for you at our cost if you like. Charts are re-issued roughly every three years, so they may not be completely current at any given time.

Trunk shows

We love trunk shows! We can send in 50 to 75 pieces of Ready-to-Wear, all set up and ready to show, priced for retail and on beautiful display stands. Our trunks shows are order-only, and you may keep our samples out for about a week. Shipping is your responsibility both ways, as is any loss or damage. We prefer to schedule at least three months ahead, so call us early when planning your season calendar.

Designer appearance

Want Stefanie to come to your store herself? We might be able to arrange that. Minimums apply, and dates are very limited, but call us if you’re interested – we prefer to schedule her designer appearances in conjunction with a gown designer. Watch the sparks fly!

Stockist Lists

With your opening order, we’ll place you on the SSC Stockist list on our consumer site. Your City & State, Website and Phone Number will be listed along with a live link. This page is one of the highest traffic pages on our site.

Social Media

We’ll also place a custom made banner on our Facebook page, and archive it in our Stockists album. This banner will feature your logo, in your store colors, with your info, along with a tag to you (make sure to enable tagging!) We’ll also hit you up on Instagram and Twitter to make sure everyone know where they can get their SSC in their area.

Want to tag us? We’re @stefaniesomers and #stefaniesomers everywhere!

Website Images

Would you like to use our images on your website? We’d love that too. There’s just a few things we’ll need to go over to make sure we’re on the same page. Call us at 800-400-4312, or email contact@stefaniesomers.com for guidelines. We can fix you up with a zip file or Dropbox link once we’re all clear on the details.

eStyle Central

Are you on eStyle Central? So are we! Let us know and we’ll clear you for upload.

Did we miss your question?

Hit us up at sales@stefaniesomers.com and we’ll clear you up.