About SSC

If you’re in fine or high-end special occasion, pageant or bridal, SSC may just be what you’ve been looking for. We believe that high style and impeccable design doesn’t stop at the neckline, and that your jewelry should not just complement your outfit – it should elevate it. We believe $3,000 gowns deserve more than $30 earrings – and that even the most elegant, simple suit sparkles that much more with just the right bauble. And that cheap is never chic.

For over 20 years now, we’ve been making things that sparkle, glitter and shimmer – beautiful pieces of jewelry to mark the most special events of life. Do you give your clients the utmost in special, hands-on TLC for their wedding, their pageant, prom, or red carpet moment? You want SSC on your team. Together we can capture the perfect creation to finish your vision. Stroll through our Ready-to-Wear collections – these designs have all been crafted with the same attention to detail as our Couture pieces, with an eye to style and price. With a wide range of color palettes available, you’re sure to find the perfect selections for your clientele.

Everything we make here at Stefanie Somers, whether Couture or Ready-to-Wear, is completely made in the USA. Only our crystals are imported, from Swarovski©, of course. Our Collection and Transitions designs are cast, finished and plated in our Rhode Island facility, then stone-set in Texas by our fabulous team of artisans. Our Studio|S designs are crafted completely in our Texas studios, from solder, to plate to set.

There truly isn’t much we can’t do. With a background in retail extending back to the 80’s, we understand your world. As a leader and trendsetter in pageantry, we bring instant brand recognition to your jewelry case.

Let’s go make some memories together.